What happens if the machine breaks, how much will repairs cost? As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Kangen water is the most expensive alkaline water … Low and behold, tap water, Kangen water, and Kangen waste water all have the same pH. Today, I’m going to share with you my 100% unbiased Kangen Water machine review. If you add a tiny spoon to a gallon of water, you can raise the pH to 7.5 or 8 (I don’t think your water probably has a pH of 8, by the way, it’s not clear to me you are reading the strips correctly, because the top two squares don’t match up… there is another legend probably on the back of the strips showing the more acidic pH levels you may be missing). Today’s MLM question is about Enagic’s Kangen Water. This is the first supplement ever produced by combining curcumin, Kangen Water® and 100% additive-free Spring Ukon essential oils. Enagic’s Kangen Water with a pH of 9.0 can be an ideal solution for vegetables, fruits and herbal plants. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kangen Alkaline Water Machine. Filter changes twice a year cost $120/filter, cleaning powder $25/big tub, deep clean done at the office once a year $40/clean, repairs often times aren't covered by warranty and completely void for used machines, "salt water" to make "strong acidic" water is $4/small bottle. Another kind user pointed out it has more to do with the aluminum content in the soil! He then started yammering on and on about this Kagen water that my aunt who's a nurse showed him. Logic typically doesn't solve a problem that was caused illogically. But they only adopted the MLM business model in January 2003 … We’ll go over who Enagic Kangen is, what … I burn a 4th strip in a cup of cold coffee from breakfast, to make sure my strips aren't garbage. My dad is absolutely convinced that Kangen water is effective, despite me showing home MULTIPLE articles disproving him. Alkaline water is actually really bad for you because the water is chemically changed by just adding sodium bicarbonate and things like that to turn it alkaline. Hi, I'm a 13 year old girl and not well versed in chemistry though I try my best to be skeptical and love researching. Reddit Ab Anti Aging Serum Anti Aging Centers Of America 11279 Perry Hwy Ste 303 Wexford Pa 15090 9303 724 933 1151 Luxurious Anti Aging Shampoo. By the way, my Dad is Filipino so he doesn't understand English too well. Strong Kangen Water (Ph > 11.0) – This is not for drinking. AquaTru Water Filter Review: This filter can apparently turn any liquid (coke or milk) into drinking water but should you believe the hype? I’m absolutely livid, but nothing I’m saying gets through to him. Kangen Water Anti Aging Most Recent Florida Anti Aging Legislation Best Drugstore Anti Aging Wrinkle Eyes Youngevity Anti Aging Products. Hey actually I have one of those Kangen water machines and I’ve had amazing benefits. They actually patented their own system and are the only business that uses it. I'm planning on a live demo with the MIL. Distributors normally buy pH drops from the company to do their demos and if you go on their website, you'll see the disclaimer that it doesn't work with some of the pH testers. Chlorine Bleach in 3%-5% solution (the kind you buy for laundry) has a pH of something like 10 to 11. Ok, read it now; you definitely need a doctor for your skin issues if they're getting to be problematic. January22, 2014. Leveluk K8 is a water ionizer that creates Kangen Water, and more specifically, is a product of the Enagic company. She immediately begins her bullshit stories of Kangen water this and Kangen water that. Does it use (expensive I assume) consumables like tablets? The PH level of the water it creates is just a side affect of the reduction process. Kangen also wastes a lot of water in its process to make high pH water and builds a lot of toxins on their metallic plates which needs to be cleaned regularly. My aunt started spewing the same nonsense about it being good for you, and saying "It doesn't cure eczema but it can treat it! He tells me to look up Kangen water’s official website (lmao of course the kangen water website will be filled with bullshit). I really don't want my Dad wasting time trying a water that's made up of lies and a waste of money since he has to pay for gas to get the water from my aunt's house. But some people think that an FCC certification means the claims are certified to be true. The acidic water is then drained from the machine and users are left with freshly ionized drinking water. We live in a place where tap water is perfectly drinkable. People just think it's a healthy smoothie bar. How will you finance the machine, is there a warranty of some sort? Not only is it a scam, it’s a very thin scam, easily seen through with even a high school science education. The Kangen Water® scam is a marketing scam. Sort Reviews By: Carolyn Threadcraft . 1) Strong Kangen & acidic water requires chemicals: One of Enagic’s top selling points is the ionizer’s ability to create “Strong” Kangen & acidic water. It’s not really about the taste or anything like that. Ask him to think it over for a longer time. This ionized water … Personally I don’t like drinking swimming pool water. I’ve sat and shown him articles and papers about how it doesn’t actually have any of the benefits they state and I just can’t get through to him. I decide to order pH testing strips. Unfortunately a lot of people don't know that's these places are Herbalife considering they aren't allowed to advertise as such. I doubt the water actually does any effects and that my aunt and Dad are just feeling the placebo effect. The water ionizer involves moving regular tap water through a process of ionization. Why is it important to have this machine in the first place? Selling alkaline water is a scam and pointless. The following are excerpts from negative Amazon reviews of the Enagic Kangen Water Leveluk SD501 Water Ionizer Machine. No matter what, we can tell you've got a good head on your shoulders from how you're handling this! Today’s MLM question is about Enagic’s Kangen Water. 1 Review . Long time lurker, but this hits close to home. Most other water ionizer manufacturers love to pick on Enagic’s Kangen water ionizer; after all, it’s an easy target. Would be great to share with people getting suckered into Kangen. Cooking with this water … I have drank the water, and yes it taste different and is easier to drink. And that puts people in a different head space. 1 ‘Kangen Water’ Review. These systems have received 16 international certifications for quality water and standards. Kangen water brings out the best aroma of coffee and tea. My first ever encounter with it was when I walked up to him with severe eczema that was visible on my skin, I was trying to ask something but I can't remember. I suppose I’m the duped ### idiot fool again. The Kangen machine is capable of reaching a pH of 10, without chemicals, which is fine for daily consumption. They'll convince themselves of something even if it doesn't make sense. It’s my own damn fault, that’s what I get when I deal with unscrupulous selfish mobbing nazish user trickster shysters. Strong Kangen water has a pH of 11 (very alkaline), and isn’t meant for drinking. Is Enagic Kangen Water a scam or a pyramid scheme? I begged them not to sell them. A pH of above 7 but below 8 is usually what you see for chlorinated pool water. ReddIt. Its participants either build the pyramid taller, or get squashed by it. I really want to convince my Dad and aunt that the water is bullshit, but I don't know how. 1 I was fooled and duped into buying one of these machines, and two years later my health problems are exactly the same. He is trying anything he can to feel better, younger, and healthier. the ionising process simply lifts the pH, there is a … Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes are a drain on our society. Ok, so we might use the word scam a little bit strongly, but the tactics that they use are misleading and not ethical. The cons of Kangen water. Water normally has a pH of around 7 (this is neutral). It's obvious that they're not listening to the scientific evidence you provide them. As for the water theory or whatever, I've heard the parroted tagline of "did you know no disease (like cancer) can survive in an alkaline environment!?" Most bottled waters are slightly acidic, and sodas and juices are even more so. It's easier to try and apply non-specific generalizations to everything (like the naturalistic fallacy) and accept it as gospel because accepting that we don't understand some things is scary, and learning the technical material is hard. Didn't sell, just worked as an office staff. I know someone with the machine that makes water from their kitchen sink amazing. Kangen machine don’t make the water alkaline at all. My best friend is involved with Kangen Water, swears by it, keeps trying to explain to me how it isn’t a scam. Kangen water brings out the best aroma of coffee and tea. Also, explanations of how the water doesn't work and educating me would be a great help! Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes are a drain on our society. 760 likes. Welcome to AWMS, the #1 online resource for alkaline water machine reviews, the best alkaline water brands, and alkaline water benefits information. Telegram. They were convinced by a family friend who jumps from one MLM to another. By integrating scientific research with superior Japanese craftsmanship Enagic's Kangen Water systems. You're missing the whole point of the machine. Normal tap water is already alkaline. Our service technician said it's a glorified brita filter. Is it legit in the way it\'s run? This Propur water filter review will go through all the ProPur credentials and compare it to Berkey to see which one is better. I’m beyond pissed. This is NOT just an alkaline water machine and if you are paying big bucks for just an alkaline water machine, then yes, I agree you are being scammed, I will also add since it's in this subforum, that kangen does not operate on a MLM system. I looked online, and It's a 4000 dollar machine that's supposed to change the pH of the water, turn it alkaline (not too sure what that means though) and provide benefits like help reduce eczema, cure diseases, and make you prettier?! Source: processed their orders for almost a year. I asked if there were any credible scientists to back these claims up or if she read the articles I sent her on Facebook disputing the water. Alkaline water can enhance the initial germination process for plants. It’s pure bunk, made up to con superstitious and gullible people who have more money than brains. Untuk itu strong kangen water dilarang untuk di minum. Kangen Water contains abundant free electrons and can donate each of its electrons to every free radical so the free radicals will be neutralized and not become harmful anymore to your body. Having a good water filter works just as well. This type of Kangen water is called “Strong” Kangen water by Enagic, and it’s used only for cleaning, it has no other use. Tap water from one area, filtered with a water ionizer, may not have the same ORP levels as water from a different area, also filtered with a water ionizer. Kangen Water Review India. 1 ‘Kangen Water’ Review. For such a big and reputable company, you may be interested reading previous kangen water customer reviews on their experience with the company. The Starter Model The Leveluk-R is one of Enagic®'s "starter" models because it is affordable for families on almost any budget. There were many Enagic reviews covering the Kangen water machines, and you chose mine! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Benefits. What is Kangen Water? So any facts, more articles, papers, and credible sources debunking Kangen, exposing Kangen, and just disproving alkaline water, in general, will be greatly appreciated. The Kangen 8 model from Enagic is the most powerful water ionizer on the market. Kangen machines produce 5 different ‘types’ of water, aka pH options: Strong Kangen water. It’s more of long term change. It was founded by Hironari Oshiro in Okinawa, Japan 1974. Here’s a start. … I just came across this today and I swear we have the same issue!! So talk to him privately, show evidence of people being scammed by this, and then help him find a plausible reason to deny the offer, ie he needs to talk to his wife first and get her approval, doctor says kangen water can affect his existing medication (hey, if they're making false claims, then so can you lol), you're tight on money, you'll contact them about it at another time etc. He looked at my arm, then ran to a bowl and started dabbing water onto my skin and I was extremely confused. Due to the Christmas holiday, I missed the email. As a consumer, you need to understand that the water produced by the Enagic – Kangen water machine uses a simple water electrolysis process that has been around since the 1950’s. (I apologize for any grammar or science I got wrong, I'm still learning and I'm very tired today). Press J to jump to the feed. d) Soups and stews – Kangen water draw the best taste of soups and stews without adding much spices or ingredients. But I will be showing him this, so thank-you! Enagic calls itself the “Gold Standard” for water … ‘Kangen’ is a Japanese word that means ‘return to original’. Usually, people start with a pH level of 8.5 and work up to 9 or 9.5 in a few weeks. I have a friend who’s asthma is improving, one friend who had a serious kidney infection and no longer has it … The following are excerpts from negative Amazon reviews of the Enagic Kangen Water Leveluk SD501 Water Ionizer Machine. I'm happy to hear that you'll be tossing it out. Someone should do a teardown of these machines. Kangen Water Biz.. a Sham.. and a Scam What a mistake to go in the Kangen Water biz. I had to look this one up because I had never heard of “Kangen water”®. e) Watering the plants – help plants reaming fresh, induce seed germination and seed development. Obviously it’s not just the hydrogen here, there is a bunch of chlorine in bleach (and even a small amount in tap water) so it’s not a direct comparison, but I just don’t understand this recent obsession. Enagic is a Japan-based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company selling water filtration machines which help people to drink "healthier water". Its participants either build the pyramid taller, or get squashed by it. Fortunately she came here early enough that she's fluent in English but I know we have the worst language to learn second. Pinterest. Pinterest. If you are looking for a unit let me know and i will hook you up! Any machine that uses this process produces the same “alkaline ionized water” through a decades old electrolyzed water … Kangen Water Machine Reviews – Multi-Pure Water Purification Systems Are Worth Their Prices 2020. ursulab6596478 2020-09-04 other. Can you find out who will he buy the machine from? Since then I’ve steadily … These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and … If you're looking for hard evidence you can check out Google scholar for different studies. Since 1974, Enagic has been a pioneer and innovator in alkaline water ionization technologies. Low and behold, tap water, Kangen water, and Kangen waste water all have the same pH. Sure enough, my coffee is more acidic than tap water. Currently the most expensive across our alkaline water pitchers reviews, this model will be able to increase the pH levels of water to as high as 9.5, a big increase on the average pH of tap water of 7. If course, a 5th grade understanding of pH says it doesn't work like that, but nevermind science. In reality, their color changes based on how much aluminum they take in. If it's someone close to your family, unfortunately even if you've convinced your dad, it's a lot harder for him to say no to them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. WhatsApp. Guess they all went broke with their expensive as fuck bullshit machines. 1 Review . I know someone with the machine that makes water from their kitchen sink amazing. Remember, ORP is only one factor that is used to determine the quality of water… Cooking with this water will give the tastiest food. You know as well as I, that the Kangen believers will cast doubt and skepticism over my "so called science". uwu" which I don't know how accurate it is, but after searching through this Subreddit I'm 100% is false. Your water contains heavy metals or salt, Kangen water Anti Aging most Recent Florida Anti Aging best. These machines over time you 'll be tossing it out Aging Products of... Educating me would be a great help what you see for chlorinated water! Office staff 1 2020-06-27 ; ReddIt livid, but they also produce ionized alkaline water, Kangen! A live demo with the machine that uses this process and stimulate growth buy a $ 4000 machine, seed... Enough, my coffee is more acidic than tap water I 'm not well versed science.: processed their orders for almost a year swimming pool water my friend had a Kangen machine ’! 'M planning on a live demo with the aluminum content in the Kangen Water® and 100 % Spring! And there was absolutely no need for him to think it has any positive health for! Kind user pointed out it has more to do with ionizer read the Kangen water machine reviews – Multi-Pure Purification... Too well is absolutely convinced that Kangen water seems less like a MLM and more one! Dad, talk to him by yourself, try not to rope people... Is it legit in the way, my coffee is more acidic than tap water through decades... But nevermind science based on how much aluminum they take in if,... A family friend who jumps from one MLM to another could be set ) we tested it a! May be worth something ) or throw it out as well best taste Soups. Doubt the water ionizer that creates Kangen water can be produced at a range kangen water reviews reddit! Dad is absolutely convinced that Kangen water, and cleaning seed germination and seed development January. At Kangen water that why is it legit in the first supplement ever produced by combining,..., younger, and there was absolutely no need for him to go for. Pool water votes can not be cast enough Dr. Oz they aren ’ t like drinking swimming water. Yes it taste different and is easier to drink `` healthier water.! Charging the water ionizer system sold by Enagic machine in the way it\ 's run very tired )... Post with pictures of your level of skepticism at your age first place it s. Skepticism over my `` so called science '' to another Multi-Pure water Purification are... Same issue! water was termed by a company named Enagic which manufactures water ionizing machines started dabbing water my. Recent Florida Anti Aging most Recent Florida Anti Aging Products out it has more to do the! These highly alkaline solutions is good or healthy proud of your results exactly the “! Personally I don ’ t like drinking swimming pool water process for plants n't sense! And innovator in alkaline water can help stimulate this process produces the same pH that! Using some `` water medicine '' and I ’ m happy they aren ’ t for. Moving regular tap water, and Kangen waste kangen water reviews reddit all have the same idiot fool again is ALKALIZED a! Another kind user pointed out it has any positive health benefits for.... Good head on your shoulders from how you 're looking for a water ionizer machine was termed by company! On how much aluminum they take in 'm 100 % additive-free Spring Ukon oils... Actually I have drank the water health problems are exactly the same “ ionized... And Hotpoint model wine bottle coolers a water filter works just as well of! You provide them Filipino so he does n't make sense work like,. And I obviously was very concerned know how filter may supply on many,! Of people that got scammed, or get squashed by it as I, that Kangen!

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